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Available Commands for Sun / Oracle ALOM

There are times that we really rely on the manual (man) pages when it comes to getting the right options for a certain command under UNIX boxes. But when it comes to Sun/Oracle Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM) we can count on with the help command. Here are the commands that you can have with Sun/Oracle Advanced Lights Out Manager.

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Mirror Root Disk with Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)

As UNIX Systems Administrators, we want our systems up and running – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though this could be achievable with the UNIX Operating Systems, we cannot set aside the fact that our hardware equipment are prone to wear and tear. One notable point of failure if our root or boot disks. Once it dies out – our only way is thru our backup and restore it. But there is another way that we could prevent this – if we have a spare identical disk as our root disk. We can have a redundant machine by having our root disks mirrored and make our system much reliable and omit this point of failure. Here are the step-by-step how to guide in mirroring our root/boot disk using the Solaris Volume Manager (SVM).

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Restore Solaris with ufsrestore

We had a hardware failure and we cannot seem to boot to our system. Our only option is to restore from our backup. The good thing is that we have foreseen this incident and took the liberty to have a backup of our OS. We will now use ufsrestore to bring our server up and running.

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