Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) CLI Cheat Sheet

Learning the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) will be a big help when a System Administrator cannot login anymore to the server. ILOM can be accessed via IP network or serial console. Here are some of the most commonly used commands that could get anyone on track on managing the ILOM:

Display SP firmware version:

-> version

Show available CLI commands:

-> show /SP/cli/commands

Display help information about commands and targets

-> help

Connect to host serial console:

-> start /SP/console

List users with open sessions to the system console (who is using the console?):

-> show /SP/sessions

Terminate a server console session started by another user:

-> stop /SP/console

Power on host:

-> start /SYS

Power off host:

-> stop /SYS

Reset host:

-> reset /SYS

Reset ILOM:

-> reset /SP

Enable locate LED:

-> set /SYS LOCATE=on

Disable locate LED:

-> set /SYS LOCATE=off

Add a local user account:

-> create /SP/users/username password=password role=[administrator|operator]

Displaying Users:

-> show /SP/users