Clearing FMA faults on Oracle / Sun Fire T1000/T2000

After replacing a defective part on a Sun Fire T1000/T2000 boxes, we need to clear the FMA Faults. There are two ways that we can achieve this task – via the System Controller (SC) or Solaris OS. I usually prefer the path because there is no downtime required but there would be times that we need to do it on the OS side.

Clearing faults from SC:

Show the faults on the system controller

sc> showfaults -v

For each fault listed run

sc> clearfault <uuid>

If there are any disabled components run

sc> clearasrdb

Clear ereports

sc> setsc sc_servicemode true
sc> clearereports -y
sc> setsc sc_servicemode false

To clear the FMA faults and error logs from Solaris:

Show faults in FMA

root@solaris# fmadm faulty

For each fault listed in the ‘fmadm faulty’ run

root@solaris# fmadm repair <uuid>

Clear ereports and resource cache

root@solaris# cd /var/fm/fmd
root@solaris# rm e* f* c*/eft/* r*/*

Reset the fmd serd modules

root@solaris# fmadm reset cpumem-diagnosis
root@solaris# fmadm reset cpumem-retire
root@solaris# fmadm reset eft
root@solaris# fmadm reset io-retire

Reboot the system

root@solaris# reboot
root@solaris# shutdown -y -g0 -i6