Creating ISO image under Solaris

Sometimes you don’t want to load CDs or DVDs, and as HDD space becomes cheaper and cheaper, we want our CDs copied on our Hard Drive. Below is how to do it on a Solaris machine:

root@solaris# mkisofs -l -L -r -o /folder/your-image.iso /directory/to/image/

the parameters used are as follows:

-l Allow full 31 character filenames
-L This option will get POSIX.1-2001 semantics with mkisofs-2.02.(but you
may use -allow-leading-dots)
-r This is like the -R option, but file ownership and modes are set to
more useful values. The uid and gid are set to zero, because they are
usually only useful on the author’s system, and not useful to the client
-o filename is the name of the file to which the iso9660 filesystem image
should be written.

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